Stress response of pea seedlings induces by ionizing radiation with either salinity or elevated temperature / Nesterenko O. et al. 2015

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Nesterenko O., Grodzynsky D., Rashydov N., Lancikova V.

Root reactions of pea seedlings to different interactions of stress factors.png

The effects of irradiated seedlings, plants into salinity and under hyperthermia stress and nonirradiated plants of Pisum sativum L., which are in the condition of water cultured, had been investigated. Different growth reactions of roots for all plants had been demonstrated. The received results show that salt and temperature stress influence was promoted appearing radioresistant effect on plants, however radioprotector ability seedlings to hyperthermia and salinity are short-term.

Keywords: Pisum sativum L., сrosstalk, stress factors, signal systems

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