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* [[Department of genetic engineering]]
* [[Department of genetic engineering]]
**[[Laboratory of Natural Product Biosynthesis Systems]]
**[[Laboratory of Natural Product Biosynthesis Systems]]
**[[Laboratory of Adaptive Biotechnology]]
**[[Laboratory of Adaptational Biotechnology]]
* [[Department of molecular genetics]]
* [[Department of molecular genetics]]

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[edit] Contacts

[ Map ]

Address 148 Academika Zabolotnoho St., 03143, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel./Fax +380 44 526-7104
E-mail icbge At 000099 16x17x2.gif iс,   info At 000099 16x17x2.gif iс

[edit] Administration

Mykola Kuchuk Director nkuchukAt 000099
+380 44 522-1786
Valeria Belokurova Scientific Secretary
+380 44 526-7053
Bogdan Morgun Deputy Director for Scientific Work bmorgunAt 000099
Mykola Rudenko Deputy Director for General Issues rudenkoAt 000099
Kateryna Galkina Chief Accountant buxAt 000099
+380 44 526-1081
Lidiya Kovalenko Chief Librarian (044) 526-15-67; 526-71-04
biblio_icbgeAt 000099

[edit] Scientific board

Head Mykola Kuchuk, D.Sc., Prof., Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Director of ICBGE of NAS of Ukraine
Deputy chief Bogdan Morgun, PhD, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of ICBGE of NAS of Ukraine
Secretary Valeria Belokurova,PhD, Senior Staff Scientist, Scientific Secretary of ICBGE of NAS of Ukraine
Members Member list

[edit] Departments

[edit] Special Scientific Council

[edit] News

[edit] Conferences

Date City Deadline
May 20-21 Osaka, Japan

[edit] Conferences with our participation

  • "Clean Water and Remediation Technologies. Focus on Chornobyl Disaster and Anthropogenic Pollution"

April, 23, 2019, More...

  • International Symposium on EuroAsian Biodiversity (SEAB-2018)

July 03-06, 2018 and annually | More...

  • «Біотехнологія XXI століття»
FBT KPI logo 2015.jpg
ICBGE Logo 1 2015-01-19.jpg
April 20 2018 and annually


  • 7th Congress of Radiobilogical Society of Ukraine

1–4 October 2019 р., Kyiv | More | Abstract book

  • Recent Advances in Plant Genetic Engineering

May 30 - June 1 2011, Kyiv
Its materials and archives of previous conferences are available on a special site]

[edit] Scientific Journal "Cytology and genetics"

Journal "Tsitologiya i Genetika" and its English version "Cytology and genetics" (distributed by Springer) publish results of investigations in human, animal, plant, clinical, molecular, population and ecological genetics, bioinformatics, cytogenetics, cell biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering. The journal is addressed to experts in the fields of biology, agriculture, medicine, education and industry. Editor-in-chief is Ya.B. Blume. Impact Factor (Thomson Reuters) = 0.408

[edit] National collection of extracts and germplasm bank of world flora

Col C 4 2.jpg
Col HerbSmall.jpg Col C 3 2 2.jpg

Plant germplasm bank of world flora was created in 1992 as a result of research work held both in the field of classical botany (plant systematics) and due to application of plant biotechnology methods (in vitro culture). At present there are samples of near 5000 plant species' in the seed bank and more then 2000 cell lines in the bank of cell cultures in vitro. In 1999 by the decision of Ukrainian government the germplasm bank was included to the list of scientific objects which are considered as national scientific property. Web site

[edit] Other information

Volodymyr Duplij webmaster webmasterAt 000099

Map around.jpg Location [ Zoom it]

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