Ljudmila Lioshyna

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a.k.a. Ljudmila G. Lioshyna
Senior Research Scientist


  llioshinaAt 000099 16x17x2.gifukr.net   
  llioshinaAt 000099 16x17x2.gificbge.org.ua

Research Skills:

Extensive knowledge of molecular and cellular biology, biotechnology

Selected Publications (peer reviewed)

A.P.Galkin, L.G.Lioshina, T.V.Medvedeva, O.V.Bulko, V.P.Kukhar Regulatory regions of plant genes promoters and proteins – regulators of promotive activity // Biopolymers and cell.- 2004.- V.20,№5.- P.363-379.

L.G. Lioshina Cellular and molecular-genetic mechanisms of symbiosis and associative interaction of microorganisms with plants in rhizosphere // Biopolymers and cell. - 2009.- V. 25,№ 1.- Р.27-38.

L.G. Lioshina O.V. Bulko Digitalis purpurea L cells culture: cultivation in vitro, growth parameters and determination of biosynthetic ability // Phys. Bioch. Cult. Plants - 2011.-V.43.№2.-P.164-170.

L. G. Lioshina O. V.Bulko Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated transformation and regeneration two species Apocynaceae family // Phys. Bioch. Cult. Plants - 2011.-V.43,№6.-P.533-539.

L.G. Lioshina O.V. Bulko. Plants regeneration from hairy roots and calluses of periwinkle Vinca minor L. and foxglove purple Digitalis purpurea L. // Cyt.Gen. -2014. - V.48, №5 – Р.36-42.

S. Rogalskyy, K. Fatyeyeva, L. Lyoshina, O. Tarasyuk, O. Bulko. Antimicrobial properties and thermal stability of polycarbonate modified with 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquids // J Appl. Popym. Sci. - 2014. - V. 131, №7

S. Rogalsky, J.-F. Bardeau, H.Wu, L. Lyoshina, O. Bulko, O. Tarasyuk, S. Makhno, T. Cherniavska, Y. Kyselov, J. H. Koo Structural, thermal and antibacterial properties of polyamide 11/polymeric biocide polyhexamethylene guanidine dodecylbenzenesulfonate composites //  J Mater Sci – 2016. –V. 51. – P.7716–7730  (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10853-016-0054-x)

Bardeau J.-F., Rogalskyi S., Tarasiuk O., Loshyna L., Bulko O. Silicone-based antimicrobial composition. EP 3003029 A1. 13.04.2016 (European patent office)

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