Conference "2nd International Conference on Biotechnology (Biotech-2019)" / 2019

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Поточна версія на 21:26, 18 березня 2019

April 15-16, 2019
Valencia, Spain

[ред.] Conference Topics

  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Animal Biotechnology and Stem cell Biotechnology
  • Cell Biology and Immunology
  • Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology applications in Genomics and Proteomics
  • Genetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Food Biotechnology and Nutritional Biotechnology
  • Industrial and Microbial Biotechnology
  • Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Drug Design
  • Gene therapy and Biomedical Engineering

[ред.] Abstract submission

Abstract (250 words) and biography (100 words) before March 20, 2019 to book your slot in the conference program

For abstract submission please see:

[ред.] Additional Information

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