Kateryna Lystvan


e-mails: lystvan@ukr.net; lystvan@icbge.org.ua


Scientific interests:

  • Plant biotechnology,
  • secondary metabolites production,
  • biologically active substances,
  • in vitro cultures,
  • bakuchiol,
  • Psoralea

Selected publications


  • Lystvan K., V.Belokurova, Y.Sheludko, J.L. Ingham, V.Prykhodko, O. Kishchenko, E.Paton, M. Kuchuk. Production of Bakuchiol by In Vitro Systems of Psoralea drupacea Bge Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture 2010 101 (1): 99-103 DOI:10.1007/s11240-009-9657-0
  • Lystvan K., V.Prykhodko, N.Rybalchenko, N.Volynets, A.Ostapchuk, M.Kuchuk. Antimicrobial activity of extracts of callus cultures and aseptic plants of Psoralea drupacea Bunge // Microbiology and Biotechnology (in Ukrainian). – 2011. – 3(15). – p. 63 – 70
  • Lystvan K., Rybalchenko N., Ostapchuk A., Boretska M. Production of pharmacologically active meroterpene bakuchiol in aseptic plants of Cullen and Otholobium genus (Fabaceae) // Problems of Ecological and Medical Genetics and Clinical Immunology (in Ukrainian)V.6(108) – p. 39-46
  • Lystvan K. Promising areas of using of plants of Psoraleeae (Fabaceae) tribe/ Scientific proceedings of the international network AgroBioNet«AGROBIODIVERSITY for improving nutrition, health and life quality», 20-22 August 2015, г. Nitra, Slovak Republic (in Ukrainian)>>>
  • Sakhno L.O., Lystvan K.V., Belokurova V.B., Kuchuk M.V. Antioxidant activity in transgenic canola (Brassica napus L.) plants grown in vitro. In: Rapeseed: Chemical Composition, Production and Health Benefit (Monica White (editor)): Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2016. – Р.133-152.


  • Lystvan K., Y.Sheludko, V.Belokurova and N.Kuchuk. Induction of secondary metabolite diversity with phytohormones and methyl jasmonate treatment in Psoralea drupaceae in vitro cell cultures // Plants for human health in the post-genome era: PSE Congress. Helsinki, August 26-29 2007. –Helsinki; Edita Prima Oy, 2007. – p.94
  • O Kishchenko, K Lystvan, V Belokurova, M Kuchuk. Establishment of hairy root clones of Nigella arvensis and antimicrobial activity of their methanol extracts. 4th Conference of the Polish Society of Experimental Plant Biology. Krakow, Poland, 21- 25 September 2009
  • Lystvan K., Ostapchuk A. Content of antibiotic bakuchiol in aseptic shoots of three Spiraea species. Conference “Biologically active substances^ fundamental and applied problems”, Novy Svet, Crimea, Ukraine, May, 23-28, p. 377-378
  • Lystvan K. Appearance of cell-wall associated red pigment(s) in stressed callus cells of Mammillaria multiceps (Cactaceae). The book of abstracts. The 5-th conference of the Polish society of Plant experimental biology, September 6-9, 2011, Wroclaw, Poland. P. 153 >>>
  • Lystvan K., Wybraniec S. Betalains in long-term cultivated callus culture of Mammillaria multiceps (Cactaceae). Abstract book. International symposium on cell biology jointly with 3rd Ukrainian congress for cell biology. May 16-20, 2012, Resort Livadiya, Yalta Ukraine. - p.64 >>>
  • Lystvan K., Korol N., Karbovska N. Influence of airborne methyl jasmonate on meroterpene bakuchiol content in Psoralea ensifolia aseptic plants. Abstract book. International symposium on cell biology jointly with 3rd Ukrainian congress for cell biology. May 16-20, 2012, Resort Livadiya, Yalta Ukraine. - p.79 >>>
  • Lystvan K., Wybraniec S. A study of pigments associated with cell walls of calli of some Cactaceae species // 6 conference of the Polish Society of experimental plant biology, September, 16–19, 2013, Łódź, Poland - Biotechnologia. – 2013. - V.94(3). - p.330-331 >>>
  • Lystvan К. A study of availability of meroterpene bakuchiol in some species. 2nd International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: from Plant to Pharmacy Shelf (ICNPU-2015) 14-17 October, 2015, Plovdiv, Bulgaria p.351 >>>
  • Lystvan К., Listvan V, Shcherbak N. Heavy metals uptake by hairy roots cultures of Convolvulus tricolor (Convolvulaceae) // XII International Scientific and Practical Conference daRostim 2016 “Biotechnology for agriculture and environmental protection”, Odessa, I.I.Mechnikov Odessa National University, 7-10 September, 2016, p. 143-144
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