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Biopolymers and cell
(Біополімери і клітина)
(Биополимеры и клетка)
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Обкладинка журналу
Тематика біологія
Періодичність виходу 6/рік
Мова українська, російська, англійська
Головний редактор Ганна Валентинівна Єльська
Видавець (країна) Інститут молекулярної біології і генетики НАН України (Україна)
ISSN 0233-7657 (print)
1993-6842 (electronic)

Журнал виходить з 1985 року

Our journal is published since 1985 at the Institute of molecular biology and genetics under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. "B&C" is a scientific periodical multitopical journal publishing original works of fundamental and applied character, short communications, and review articles in molecular biology and related areas (structure and function of biopolymers, their participation in submolecular structures formation, genome regulation and molecular mechanisms of differentiation, oncogenesis, cell-virus interaction, biotechnology and articles on bioorganic chemistry and biology of peptides, nucleoside derivatives, modified oligonucleotides.“B&C” is issued bimonthly. The format of “B&C” corresponds to the international standards. The articles are accepted and published in Ukrainian, Russian and English. “B&C” Editorial Board and Guest Editorial members are the world known scientists.
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