Yuriy V. Sheludko

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PhD (2004)
Senior Research Assistant (2010)

E-mail: ysheludko@ukr.net

Education, Scientific Degrees and Titles:

• Taras Shevchenko Kiev State University, Biological Faculty, Dept. of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, M. Sc. in Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, 1994;

• Ph.D. in Biotechnology, Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, Kiev, Ukraine, 2004

• Senior Research Assistant in Biotechnology, Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, Kiev, Ukraine, 2010

Professional Experience:

• Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, 1994 – 2018; Head of Laboratory of Natural Product Biosynthesis Systems of Department of Genetic Engineering, 2009 – 01.2016;

• Institute of Pharmacy (Mainz, Germany), participation in the work on the project „Molecular Characterization of New Hybrid Plants and Cell Cultures“ supported by BMBF, (Ref. No. 0311269), 1997 –1999;

• Institute of Pharmacy (Mainz, Germany), research work, 1999 – 2002; 2006;

• Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, ESC Institute of Biology, invited lecturer for “Plant Biochemistry”, “Plant Secondary Metabolism”, “Genetic Basis of Biotechnology”, 2007 – 2013

• Technische Universität Darmstadt, Plant Biotechnology and Metabolic Engineering, Schnittspahnstrasse 4 Darmstadt, 64287, Germany, research work on the project "Engineering of plant alkaloid metabolism with heterologous cytochrome P450 enzymes" according to Georg Forster Research FellowshipP rogramme HERMES supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 06.2015 - up to now.

Field of scientific interests: Plant Cell Culture / Plant biotechnology / Genetic transformation / Transient expression / Medicinal plants / Natural products: isolation, purification, structure elucidation / Secondary metabolism biosynthetic pathways, enzymes and genes / Alkaloids, Indole alkaloids / Pharmaceutical recombinant proteins / Expression of recombinant proteins in plant systems / Stress resistance in plants / Gene expression regulation elements / High performance liquid chromatography of secondary metabolites

Scientific Method Experience: transient expression and genetic transformation, in vitro plant cell culture, protein extraction and purification, enzymatic activity analysis, HPLC, FPLC, secondary metabolite structure elucidation with spectroscopic methods (MS, NMR), GE of proteins nd nucleic acids, basic protocols of PCR and molecular cloning


Stipendium of National Academy of Science of Ukraine (2003)

Stipendium of President of Ukraine (2004)

Georg Forster Research Fellowship (HERMES) for experienced researchers (2015)

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian - native, English – substantial

Computer Experience: Windows, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Internet – advanced user, basic experience in web design

Grant support: NASU-RFBR 2008-2009 № 08-04-90410_ukr “Studying on the mechanisms of the higher plant abiotic stress resistance due to heterologous expression of cyanobacteria genes” (№ UISTEI 0108U003265); GFBR of Ukraine - RFBR 2011-2012 “Molecular design of system for heterlogous expression of proteins using thermostable lichenase of Clostridium thermocellum as a reporter and carrier” (№ Ф40.4/021, № UISTEI 0111U004979); grant of complex interdisciplinary program «Fundamental base of molecular and cell biotechnologies» 2010-2014 “Studying on the physiological function of different substrate specificity desaturase genes in plants under normal and abiotic stress conditions” (№ UISTEI 0110U006062); 2015-2019 "Studying on plant stress adaptation mechanisms and generation of resistant lines using experimental transgenesis protocols (№ UISTEI 0115U004171); .

Publications: 134 scientific publications including 39 publications in international peer reviewed scientific journals, 2 patents of Ukraine;

H-index: 16 (Google Scholar, i10=18); 12 (Scopus, self-citations are excluded)

Google Scholar Citation


List of major publications

1. Шелудько Ю.В., Костенюк И.А. (1994) Динамика роста и содержание суммы алкалоидов в трансгенной корневой культуре раувольфии змеиной (Rauwolfia serpentina Benth.). Цитология и генетика , 28, 35-38. Download/скачать полную версию, pdf

2. Шелудько Ю.В., Герасименко И.М., Костенюк И.А. (1996) Сpавнительный экспеpиментальный анализ пpостого метода количественного опpеделения суммы индольных лк лоидов. Химико-фармацевтический журнал, 4, 38-42. Download/скачать полную версию, pdf

3. Шелудько Ю.В., Герасименко И.М., Костенюк И.А. (1998) Исследование влияния салициловой кислоты на синтез индольных лкалоидов трансгенной корневой культурой раувольфии змеиной (Rauwolfia serpentina Benth.). Цитология и генетика, 32, 43-50. Download/скачать полную версию, pdf

4. Sheludko Yu., Gerasimenko I., Unger M., Kostenyuk I., and Stöckigt J. (1999) Induction of alkaloid diversity in hybrid plant cell cultures. Plant Cell Rep., 18, 911-918. DOI: 10.1007/s002990050683. Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

5. Sheludko Y., Gerasimenko I., Platonova O. (2000) Divergence of the indole alkaloid pattern in two somatic hybrid plant cell subcultures of Rauvolfia serpentina x Rhazya stricta. Planta Med., 66, 656-659. Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

6. Gerasimenko I., Sheludko Y., and Stöckigt J. (2001) 3-Oxo-rhazinilam: A new indole alkaloid from Rauvolfia serpentina x Rhazya stricta hybrid plant cell cultures. J. Nat. Prod., 64, 114-116.

7. Gerasimenko I., Sheludko Y., Unger M., and Stöckigt J. (2001) Development of an efficient system for the separation of indole alkaloids by high performance liquid chromatography and its applications. Phytochem. Anal., 12, 96-103.

8. Hinse C., Sheludko Y., Provenzani A., Stöckigt J. (2001) In vivo NMR at 800 MHz to monitor alkaloid metabolism in plant cell cultures without tracer labeling. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 123, 5118-5119.

9. Sheludko Y., Gerasimenko I., Kolshorn H., Stöckigt J. (2002) Isolation and structure elucidation of a new indole alkaloid from Rauvolfia serpentina hairy root culture: the first naturally occurring alkaloid of the raumacline group. Planta Med., 68, 435-439.

10. Stöckigt J., Sheludko Y., Unger M., Gerasimenko I., Warzecha H., Stöckigt D. (2002) High-performance liquid chromatographic, capillary electrophoretic and capillary electrophoretic–electrospray ionization mass spectrometric analysis of selected alkaloid groups. J. Chrom. A, 967, 85-113.

11. Gerasimenko I., Sheludko Y., Ma X., Stöckigt J. (2002) Heterologous expression of a Rauvolfia cDNA encoding strictosidine glucosidase, a biosynthetic key to over 2000 monoterpenoid indole alkaloids. Eur. J. Biochem., 269, 2204-2213.

12. Sheludko Y., Gerasimenko I., Kolshorn H., Stöckigt J. (2002) New alkaloids of the sarpagine group from Rauvolfia serpentina hairy root culture. J. Nat. Prod., 65, 1006-1010.

13. Gerasimenko I., Ma X., Sheludko Y., Mentele R., Lottspreich F., Stöckigt J. (2004) Purification and partial amino acid sequences of the enzyme vinorine synthase involved in a crucial step of ajmaline biosynthesis. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 12, 2781-2786.

14. Sindarovska Y. R., Gerasymenko I. M., Sheludko Y. V., Bannikova M. A., Komarnytskyy I. K., Kuchuk N. V. (2005) Transgenic plants regenerated from hairy roots of Nicotiana benthamiana: a promising host for transient expression of foreign proteins. Cytology and Genetics, 39 (N6), 9-14.

15. Шелудько Ю. В., Сіндаровська Я. Р., Герасименко І. М., Банникова М. О., Олевинська З.М., Співак М. Я., Кучук М. В. (2006) Agrobacterium-опосередкована транзієнтна експресія: перспективний підхід для масштабної продукції рекомбінантних білків у рослинах. Наука та інновації, 2 (N6), 65-76.

16. Sheludko Y. V., Sindarovska Y. R., Gerasymenko I. M., Bannikova M. A., Kuchuk N. V. (2007) Comparison of several Nicotiana species as hosts for high-scale Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression. Biotech. Bioeng. 96, 608-614. Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

17. Sindarovska Y. R., Sheludko Y. V., Gerasymenko I. M., Bannikova M. A., Kuchuk N. V. (2008) Purifikation of recombinant GFP produced by Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression in Nicotiana excelsior. Cytol. Genet., 42 (N2), 16-20. Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

18. Sun L, Ruppert M, Sheludko Y, Warzecha H, Zhao Y, Stöckigt J. Purification, cloning, functional expression and characterization of perakine reductase: the first example from the AKR enzyme family, extending the alkaloidal network of the plant Rauvolfia. Plant Mol. Biol., 2008, 67, 455-467.

19. Sheludko Y.V. (2008) Agrobacterium-Mediated Transient Expression as an Approach to Production of Recombinant Proteins in Plants. Recent Patents on Biotechnology. 2, 198-208. скачать полную версию, pdf.

20. Гориславец С.М., Рисованная В.И., Шелудько Ю.В. () Анализ окрашенных технических сортов винограда по антоциановым профилям экстрактов ягод и каллусных культур. "Экосистемы Крыма, их охрана и оптимизация", 2008, 18, 66-74.

21. Пат. 31239 Україна, МПК A 01 H 5/00, A 01 H 5/12, C 07 K 14/00, C 12 N 15/63, C 12 N 15/84, C 12 P 21/00. Спосіб одержання рекомбінантного білка шляхом транзієнтної експресії трансгену в рослині виду Nicotiana excelsior / Сіндаровська Я.Р., Шелудько Ю.В., Герасименко І.М., Кучук М.В.; заявник та патентовласник Інститут клітинної біології та генетичної інженерії НАНУ. – № u 2007 14867; заявл. 27.12.07; опубл. 25.03.08, Бюл. № 6.

22. Lystvan, K., V. Belokurova, Y. Sheludko, J. Ingham, V. Prykhodko, O. Kishchenko, E. Paton and M. Kuchuk. Production of bakuchiol by in vitro systems of Psoralea drupacea Bge. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 2010, 101, 99-103.

23. Sheludko Y. V. Recent advances in plant biotechnology and genetic engineering for obtaining of secondary metabolites. Цитология и генетика, 2010, 44 (№ 1), 52-60.

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25. Пат. 51842 Україна, МПК C 12 N 15/00, C 12 Q 1/25, C 12 Q 1/68. Спосiб детекції рекомбiнантного гена ацил-лiпlдної десатурази, злитої з термостабiльною лiхеназою, в генетично модифiкованiй рослинi методом мультиплексної полiмеразної ланцюгової реакції / Герасименко І.М., Сіндаровська Я.Р., Шелудько Ю.В., Бердічєвєць І. Н., Шімшілашвілі Х. Р., Голдєнкова-Павлова І.В.; заявник та патентовласник Інститут клітинної біології та генетичної інженерії НАНУ та Інстітут общєй гєнєтікі ім. Н. І. Вавілова РАН. –заявл. 23.11.09, заявка № u 2009 12102; заявл. 25.11.2009; опубл. 10.08.2010, Бюл. № 15.

26. Berdichevets, I., H. Shimshilashvili, I. Gerasymenko, Y. Sindarovska, Y. Sheludko and I. Goldenkova-Pavlova (2010) Multiplex PCR assay for detection of recombinant genes encoding fatty acid desaturases fused with lichenase reporter protein in GM plants. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 397, 2289-2293.

27. Sindarovska Y.R., Gerasymenko I.M, Sheludko Y.V., Olevinskaja Z.M., Spivak N.Y., Kuchuk N.V. (2010) Production of human interferon alpha 2b in plants of Nicotiana excelsior by Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression. Cytol. Genet. 44 (N5), 313-316. Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

28. Ovcharenko, O., V. Momot, N. Cherep, Y. Sheludko, I. Komarnitsky, V. Rudas and N. Kuchuk (2011) Transfer of transformed Lesquerella fendleri (Gray) Wats. chloroplasts into Orychophragmus violaceus (L.) O.E. Schulz by protoplast fusion. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 105, 21-27.

29. Gerasymenko I.M., Sakhno L.O., Mazur M.G., Sheludko Y.V. (2012) Multiplex PCR assay for detection of human interferon alpha2b gene in transgenic plants. Cytology and Genetics 46 (N4), 197-201.DOI: 10.3103/S009545271204007X Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

30. Sindarovska Y. R., Gerasymenko I. M., Kuchuk M. V., Sheludko Y. V. (2012) Influence of exogenous phytohormones, methyl jasmonate and suppressors of jasmonate biosynthesis on Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression in Nicotiana excelsior. Biopolym. Cell., 28(№5), 368-373.fulltext Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

31. Сахно Л.А., Герасименко И.М., Комарницкий И.К., Шелудько Ю.В., Голденкова-Павлова И.В. (2012) Создание устойчивых к глифосату растений Brassica napus L., экспрессирующих десатуразу DesC цианобактерии Synechococcus vulcanus. Biopolym. Cell., 28(6), 449-455. abstract Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

32. Вячеславова А.О., Мустафаев О.Н., Тюрин А.А., Шимшилашвили Х.Р., Бердичевец И.Н., Шаяхметова Д.М., Голденков М.А., Фадеев В.С., Шелудько Ю.В., Голденкова-Павлова И. В. (2012) Серия модульных векторов для стабильной и транзиентной экспрессии гетерологичных генов в растениях. Генетика, 48(№9), 1046-1056. abstract. Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

33. Sheludko Y.V. , Gerasymenko I.M. (2013) Biosynthetic potential of hairy roots for production of new natural products. In: "Biotechnology for Medicinal Plants: Micropropagation and Improvement" Eds. Suman Chandra, Hemant Lata and Ajit Varma, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 241-262. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-29974-2_10. Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

34. Сливец М.С., Сахно Л.А., Шелудько Ю.В. Экспрессия трансгена desC цианобактерии в растениях рапса не изменяет их холодоусто йчивости (2013) Вісн. Укр. тов-ва генетиків і селекціонері 11(2), 267-275.Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

35. Sindarovska Y.R., Golovach I.S., Belokurova V.B., Gerasymenko I.M., Sheludko Y.V., Kuchuk N.V. (2014) Screening of plant cell culture collection for efficient host species for Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression. Cytol. Genet. 48(4), 208-217. Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

36. Sakhno L.O., Slyvets M.S., Korol N.A., Karbovska N.V., Ostapchuk A.M., SheludkoY.V., Kuchuk M.V. (2014) Changes in fatty acid composition in leaf lipids of canola biotech plants under short-time heat stress. J. Stress Physiol. Biochem., 10(2), 24-34.Full text download

37. Gerasymenko I.M., Mazur M.G., Sheludko Y.V., Kuchuk N.V. (2015) Multiplex pcr assay for detection of human somatotropin and interferon alpha2b genes in plant material Cytol. Genet., 49(3), 147-151 DOI: 10.3103/S0095452715030068) Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

38. Gerasymenko I.M., Sakhno L.O., Kyrpa T.М., Ostapchuk A.N., Khadjiev T.A., Goldenkova-Pavlova I.V., Sheludko Y.V. (2015) Characterization of Nicotiana tabacum plants expressing hybrid genes of cyanobacterial Δ9 or Δ12 acyl–lipid desaturases and thermostable lichenase. Russian J. Plant Physiol. 62(3), 283-291.Request/Запросить копию у автора: ysheludko@ukr.net.

39. Gerasymenko, I.M., Sheludko, Y.V., Klebanovych, A.A., Rudas, V.A., Shakhovsky, A.M., Klein, T.M., Kuchuk, N.V. (2017) Comparison of effectiveness of 5'-regulatory sequences in transplastomic tobacco chloroplasts. Transgenic research. 26 (1), 65-75. DOI: 10.1007/s11248-016-9980-2.

40. Gerasymenko I.M., Kleschevnikov V.V., Kedlian V.R., Sakhno L.O., Arbuzova I.A., Sheludko Y.V., Dosenko V.E., Kuchuk N.V. (2017) Establishment of transgenic lettuce plants producing potentially anti-hypertensive shRNA. Cytol. Genet. 51(1), 1-7. doi:10.3103/s0095452717010054

41. Gerasymenko, I.M., Sheludko Y.V. (2017) Synthetic cold-inducible promoter enhances recombinant protein accumulation during Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression in Nicotiana excelsior at chilling temperatures. Biotech. Lett. 39, 1059-1067. DOI:10.1007/s10529-017-2336-z.

42. Sheludko Y.V., Gerasymenko I.M., Warzecha H. (2018) Transient expression of human cytochrome P450s 2D6 and 3A4 in Nicotiana benthamiana provides a possibility for rapid substrate testing and production of novel compounds. Biotechnol. J. (Accepted Author Manuscript) doi:10.1002/biot.201700696.


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